Blue Stone Home Plans

Changing the world, one home at a time…

How much does it cost to build the home I am interested in?
Costs vary regionally and are with the level of finish materials, energy features incorporated, building permit costs, etc. Competition and contractor availability are also factors. That translates into very different costs per square foot, depending on where you live. To get the most up-to-date assessment of local costs, it is best to ask local contractors about rates.

Will you customize plans?
Yes we will, for an added cost. Please email us with the changes you are thinking of, and we will give you a quote.

Can I simply take your plans to the building department and get a building permit?
Typically no. you will need to have a local architect or engineer review the plans to assure they adhere to all local codes and structural requirements (such as seismic or hurricane resistance). In addition most building departments will require a site specific site plan and foundation plan for your particular lot and soils.

How do we find a qualified designer or architect in our area to help us modify the plans?
The American Institute of Building Designers will assist you with finding designers in your locale. Your local trade organization of builders or your building supply center may have suggestions as well. In addition, the web site has a list of architects who subscribe to the values of thoughtfully-designed, right-sized houses.

What is included when purchasing the stock house plans?
You are purchasing a license to build one structure. Our stock home plans are very complete and include all the information needed by a qualified contractor to build the home. They include the following: Basement and/or Crawl Space Plan, Floor Plans, Sections, Elevations, Electrical Plans, Details, Specifications, and Window and Door Schedules.

Do the plans have an architect stamp?
No. Our plans are not stamped and approved for your locale. When you purchase a set of our house plans, you will find them complete but not site specific. Our license agreement requires that purchasers have a structural engineer review the drawings to make sure they comply with local building codes and conditions relevant to your site – as is the case with all stock plans.

Do you offer developer consultation services?
Yes. We offer a range of services to assist developers with neighborhood residential projects. Contact us to discuss the extent of services appropriate to or required for your project.

What is your refund policy?
We do not offer refunds or exchanges. You need to make sure of your order before placing it. We also suggest you discuss with your builder, engineer, or local building inspector any site specific requirements that should be taken into consideration, for example height restrictions and set backs.

What is your license agreement?
Click here to see the license agreement